Monday, August 24, 2009

Behold the Turtle...

...He never makes any progress until he sticks his neck out. After attending a meeting of the Arkansas Inspy writers on Saturday, I realized that's where I am right now. In Turtle mode. I'm happily writing my monthly column (and posting it here), occassionally writing a haiku, and ... that's about it. The characters from my past,present and future works in progress still wander around in my head. They're becoming good friends of mine, but their stories are still untold.

During the meeting, I realized that I'm not a beginner. I know most of the tricks, and can write pretty well. My only hold back is to stretch out and try. After all, sometimes, it's much safer to huddle in my little shell, and say, oh well, I'm doing the best I can. But that's not really true. My best is much better than this.

I've missed the contest and conference season for this year. But right now, I'm declaring 2010 the year of sending out submissions. I need to polish a little, get things ready, and send, send, send. Get ready post office. Here I come. It may be painful at times, and there's a risk of getting out in the middle of the road and getting smashed, but I've just got to go for it!

To whomever reads this- hope this prompts you to peek out of your shell too! We're all in this together.

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Becky said...

Your article got me thinking about writing. I had been wanting to start writing for quite awhile but with all the kids there never the time. Now with only one left at home now is the time for me to start doing something for me. Thanks for the inspiration.