Monday, October 19, 2009

Changes to the New Model

Checking the Window Sticker for the Latest Changes

The deal was too good for my husband to resist. He’d never seen his trusty old truck as a clunker, until he realized he could trade it in on something brand new and actually make a profit after driving it for seven years and over 200,000 miles. He’s been enjoying all the bells and whistles on his “oh-ten” for several weeks now.

Each year, I notice that features and accessories of my own seem to vary a little. Things that I used to require are now less important, and the list of standard features- things I can’t live without- is modified. Here’s my own list for this year-details on other models will vary.

            First, some things that used to be a big part of my life are now quite optional.

  • Hair color: I stressed the need to keep some semblance of my youth on top of my head for over 15 years. Now, I’m happy with the salt and pepper (heavy on the salt).

  • Address book: Couldn’t function without phone numbers, addresses for everyone I know. Quick emails have replaced long, newsy letters. I can call them now with a quick scroll down my cell phone list, and the GPS will find them wherever they move.

  • Desserts and junk food: Since hubby and I resolved to eat healthier, our habits have changed. My apologies to the car-hops at the local drive-in.

  • Hand sanitizer: I’m sure this is a very popular item for many in view of the recent flu scare. For me, nothing replaces Ivory soap and water. I did spill a small bottle of the stuff in the bottom of my purse recently, so all my extra pens and old shopping lists are now well sterilized.

Here, however is the new list of standard features, necessary for the current version of Jenny McC.

  • Tea kettle: More than ever, I need it for a hot cup or an icy glass of freshly brewed tea, and for instant oatmeal. Comfort food at my house comes with a whistle.

  • Fiber: I’ll spare you the gory details. Suffice it to say that more beans than potatoes, healthy breakfast cereals, and a handful of nuts added to almost everything make my day so much better!

  • Loaded exercise bag: If I always have my workout clothes handy, I’m more likely to stop for a visit to my favorite Curves. Music plus movement equals good medicine.

  • Counted cross-stitch: I can’t explain why this relaxes me. Concentrating on minute details, after a day of technical training? Go figure. But without a project in process all the time, I’m at a loss.

  • Reading glasses: Official Granny glasses perched on the end of my nose are vital for the above mentioned craft, as well as any kind of reading (including labels at the grocery store).

  • Digital camera: I’ve finally left my 35 millimeter behind. Now, I can download, upload and email with the best of them.

  • Makeup: Now necessary unless I’m okay with looking old and tired. In particular: mascara. My eyelashes seem to be disappearing. At least now I have something in common with Brooke Shields!

  • Comfortable shoes: Looks don’t matter much in this department. Without a firm foundation, I don’t make it far.

  • Daily Bible reading: Formerly just an accessory carried to church each Sunday, I now look forward to a few quiet moments with my favorite book. That daily dose of truth seems to cut through all the flotsam and jetsam that are bound to follow.

So, with no fanfare, you now have a picture of the latest, new and improved Ouachita Life columnist. Hopefully, there will be enough of interest on this list to keep a former clunker owner looking forward to next year, instead of thinking about trading me in!

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