About Me


I'm Jenny McLeod Carlisle, very happy Mom and Granny, who is finally entering the world of blogging, thanks to a very patient son-in-law/web designer. This page and this site will expand as I have time. Unfortunately, the times when I can sit here are few and far between. I still have a full-time job with the the State of Arkansas, and with commute and recovery time, that means there's not too many minutes each day for expanding my horizons.

Who am I? And Why should you care? Well, to sum myself up in one sentence, I'll follow the example of a writing mentor of mine (Randy Ingermanson) and make it sound like a promo for a fiction book:

A little past the middle of her life, an always striving Christian woman uses her writing talents to entertain and edify others.

Whatever circumstances you find yourself in as you read this, my prayer is that you'll recognize God's love for you, and feel encouraged as you go on your way.